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Ensuring Safety in

Easy-to-Use Mobile App to Keep Your Students and Faculty Safe When Disaster Strikes

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Ensuring Safety in
Commercial Areas

Easy-to-Use Mobile App to Keep You and People Around You Safe When Disaster Strikes

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Ensuring Safety in
Government Buildings

Easy-to-Use Mobile App to Keep You and People Safe When Disaster Strikes

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Ensuring Safety in

Easy-to-Use Mobile App to Keep Players and People in Stadium Safe When Disaster Strikes

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Ensuring Safety in

Easy-to-Use Mobile App to Keep Passengers and People in Airport Safe When Disaster Strikes

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Ensuring Safety in
Amusement Parks

Easy-to-Use Mobile App to Keep People and Families in Amusement Parks Safe When Disaster Strikes

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Ensuring Alerts to
Law Enforcement

Easy-to-Use Mobile App to Alert Law Enforcements When Disaster Strikes

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Your Proactive Partner in Crisis Management

In times of crisis, every second counts. AEGIX AIM is an innovative mobile application designed to enhance school safety by streamlining communication between faculty and first responders. With features like instant alerts, real-time location tracking, and comprehensive emergency response protocols, AEGIX AIM is your ally in ensuring every student and faculty member remains protected and accounted for

Dynamic, Active Mapping
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Live building floor plans and campus maps, down to the room name or number, eliminating the need to hunt for floor plans before responding.
Occupant Declarations
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All those within a building on the AIM platform can quickly select if they are Safe, Unsafe and if they Need Medical Attention.  This knowledge allows responders to know beforehand where people are and if they have critical needs.
Two-way CommunicationProprietary Two-way Chat
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Our proprietary chat system allows for all participants to communicate during an incident.  Chat participants include, all responders, dispatch, district administrators, teachers and all other staff members. All chats are date, location and time stamped and saved for later review.
Two-way CommunicationDirect Calling (if people are safe)
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Direct, focused communication with all participants on site. Responders can call staff directly, by name, through the AIM communication channel as well. Everyone is listed by name, giving responders insight they’ve never had before, and the ability to communicate with them during an incident.
Missing and Found Persons
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Identify people that are lost or missing.  When located there whereabouts can be shared with everyone within the group.
Customizable Alerts
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Alerts and notifications are completely customizable by site, by name, icon, group members that are alerted and even by unique sound.  Set up as many as necessary for each building.
Powerful Reporting and Data
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Data is captured for all drills and incidents sent per school or building location.  Comprehensive incident logs and reports of all communications during a drill or an incident are available and accessed from within the AEGIX AIM admin area., preventing the need to re-create events post-incident. This is a critical tool for de-briefs, review and training.
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Critical alerts are sent directly to dispatch, giving them immediate insights into the building and how occupants are responding. The dispatch team can communicate directly with anyone that is utilizing AIM during an incident, including letting them know that responders are on the way to asking clarifying questions regarding a specific active incident..
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First Responders need AEGIX AIM allowing them to easily train officers and grant access to see every subscribing building floor plan within their jurisdiction. AEGIX AIM has the ability to integrate with current safety infrastructure, allowing for seamless integrations and additional value.
Incident CommandMapping
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Dynamic building floor plans and campus maps, down to the room name or number, are set up when the initial implementation and onboarding occurs.  This completely eliminates the need to find floor plans digitally or actual print outs, eliminating that common building entry delay.
Incident CommandClearing rooms
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Law Enforcement can clear rooms with a high degree of visibility for dispatch, incident command post, and special teams, providing immediate updates within each building, on each floor, by room.  This saves a tremendous amount of time when clearing a building.
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