AEGIX AIM: Next-Gen Safety Solutions

SALT LAKE CITY — A local company run by a retired Utah police officer believe they have a product that makes schools safer in the event of shootings like the one in Texas.

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Justin Chapman served as a Sandy City officer for nearly 3 decades, spending about half that time teaching proper active shooter response.

Chapman is now director of training for AEGIX AIM, which is short for active incident management. The company developed an app that coordinates the location of an incident, particularly school buildings, with local first responders and law-enforcement.

Once the program is purchased, AEGIX maps out the facility and stores it in the app. Then, in the event of a real emergency, a teacher or staff member can immediately relay location and information to first responders, which streamlines the response.

“To give additional information including pictures, chat functions, all that information in real time, and it’s shared across a broad group of people within the school and within the first responder communities so that our responses as first responders can be more specific and certainly more efficient and quicker,” said Chapman.

AEGIX also has additional, hands-on products like collapsible shields which can be used by first responders as well as teachers and staff members a inside particular school.

Right now, AEGIX is working with school officials and law-enforcement in Cache County and hop other schools will soon take part.

SOURCE: Utah company creates app to keep schools safe

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