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AEGIX AIM airport safety technology in action


AEGIX AIM is distinguished by its unparalleled airport surveillance technologies offering comprehensive incident management solutions.t. Through ongoing integrations with these key stakeholders, AEGIX AIM establishes a seamless flow of real-time information, enabling swift and coordinated actions during critical situations. This innovative synergy empowers security teams and law enforcement agencies to receive instant alerts, assess incidents with accuracy, and strategize responses in real-time. AEGIX AIM ensures that every facet of incident management is covered comprehensively, resulting in safer environments and more efficient crisis resolution.

Optimizing Airport Safety and Communication with AEGIX AIM


With such a large facility, when emergency and non-emergency incidents take place, not everyone in the facility is aware right away. With AEGIX AIM, changing that. Clear, immediate communication in real time provides accuracy for the smartest response. AEGIX AIM allows you to do just that, and more.

Alert the whole airport surveillance technologies or specific buildings and departments. Send the right code and exact location for a targeted response without having to use the intercom, which may impede on safety during emergencies.

Airport Employees

Airport employees are faced with managing huge crowds. The preparedness of the airport staff will all the difference when emergencies occur. With AEGIX AIM, the entire airport surveillance technologies will be equipped with a comprehensive incident response system. This system provides frontline personnel with the necessary tools to manage an incident.

With immediate guidance, reporting features, multi-directional chats and live responsive mapping; organizations can gain clarity in chaotic situations and ultimately save lives.


Each account will have a monthly or annual fee which depends on the number of facilities on the account. Please contact AEGIX AIM by email at or by phone at (800) 858-0188 to receive a quote.


AEGIX AIM provides flexibility in contract lengths and terms to fit your needs and your situation.

Yes, we offer a paid trial. Ask about out pilot program via email at or call (800) 858-0188 for more information

We stand by the quality of our service and the assertion that you will be satisfied. We provide complete customer support through the duration of our relationship.
AEGIX AIM requires a valid Internet connection to send and receive emergency alerts. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for information regarding your Internet connection.

All mobile devices will require a data connection or Wi-Fi connection through existing networks.

Our 99.7% uptime is backed by an industry leading SLA.

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