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Transforming the provided content into an optimized, engaging presentation for AEGIX AIM’s pricing page involves highlighting the unique features and benefits of AEGIX AIM solutions tailored to various customer needs. Below is a structured approach to presenting AEGIX AIM’s pricing options, focusing on clarity, value, and a call to action for potential users.

### AEGIX AIM Pricing Plans

**Unlock the full potential of AEGIX AIM with tailored pricing plans designed to suit every scale and type of business. Choose from Basic, Premium, or Premium+ to get started with the most comprehensive security and efficiency solutions for your operations.**

#### Special Pricing Offer
**Get Premium+ for the Price of Basic**

### Basic Plan
**For those looking to integrate AEGIX AIM’s essential features into their operations.**

– Mobile and desktop applications for versatile access
– Unlimited devices and users for expansive coverage
– Admin portal access for complete control
– Standard alerts to keep everyone informed
– Embedded emergency plans for quick response
– Comprehensive online tutorials and support
– Dedicated technical support for peace of mind

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### Premium Plan
**Elevate your safety and efficiency with advanced AEGIX AIM features.**

Includes everything in Basic, plus:
– Customizable alerts and tones for tailored notifications
– Custom emergency guidance for specific scenarios
– Annual updates to your floor plans for accuracy
– Archived report generation for record-keeping and compliance

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### Premium+ Plan
**The ultimate AEGIX AIM experience, offering specialized support and updates.**

Includes everything in Basic and Premium, and adds:
– Direct integration with First Responders for coordinated responses
– Embedded reunification sites for effective crisis management
– Professional monitoring of alerts/drills for enhanced security
– Custom emergency plan development tailored to your needs
– Unlimited floor plan updates to reflect changes in your facilities

**Get Started with Premium+**

### AEGIX AIM’s Commitment to Safety

– **Unlimited Users and Devices:** No restrictions on users or devices to ensure comprehensive coverage.
– **Quick and Easy Onboarding:** Assistance with technical setup, including SSO options.
– **Annual Training/Refresher:** Stay up-to-date with the latest in safety and emergency response.
– **Full Support Access:** Our fabulous support team and extensive resources are always at your fingertips.
– **Interactive Mapping:** Update and manage your facility’s floor plans with ease.

### Add-On Services
Customize your AEGIX AIM experience without upgrading your entire plan. Choose from:

– **Live Online Training:** Interactive sessions tailored to your team, complete with Q&A.
– **On-Site Training:** In-depth, on-location training for any size group.
– **Professional Consultation:** Expert advice on safety plans and emergency protocols.
– **Climate Security Survey:** Objective insights for better decision-making on safety.
– **Site Assessment:** Comprehensive evaluations for security, evacuation, and communication improvements.
– **Emergency Plan Development:** Simplified, effective emergency planning customized to your needs.

**Experience AEGIX AIM firsthand with a free demo.** Discover the power and simplicity of our solutions. Contact us today to explore how AEGIX AIM can transform your operational safety and efficiency.

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This reimagined content not only addresses the pricing structure of AEGIX AIM but also emphasizes the comprehensive support and customization available to users, encouraging action through clear calls to engage with the product.


Don’t need to upgrade to a new plan? Pick and choose your favorites. Peace of mind is always included.

Live Online Training

Personalized training for one person or the whole team via screen share. Great for quick and easy trainings that ends with a Q&A.

On-Site Training

We will come on-site and train up your team. We can do a small group in the library or the entire faculty in the auditorium.

Professional Consultation

Need a safety plan or update your emergency protocols? We have industry experts to help with whatever you need.

Climate Security Survey

Do you know if your people really feel safe? Are there things that are afloat that can be addressed today if you knew about them? Use our survey for an objective tool to get information for better decision making.

Site Assessment

Critical for every part of your facility is the ability to secure, evacuate and communicate. Let us walk through your site and create a step by step process for improvement and safety for resources readily at hand.

Emergency Plan Development

Keeping things simple and straight forward is how we develop a successful emergency plan. Tresit takes basic principles and best practices and customizes them to your needs.