AEGIX AIM: Next-Gen Safety Solutions

What's the purpose of AEGIX Global, why was it founded? The sole purpose is finding innovations, or manufacturing or designing them, to protect people and keep them safe, especially those on the front lines, and that's what drives us.

AEGIX exists for one purpose: to keep people safe. Incidents are unpredictable and when they happen, they happen fast. This means that anyone involved in an incident needs to be prepared in order to act with the smartest response. However, most people aren’t equipped with what the smartest response may be. Without preparation, fear can take over and the worst outcome stands a chance.

Sadly, in today’s world, many of us find ourselves asking questions such as, “Can I ensure my children’s safety at school?” or “Are crowded sports arenas still secure spaces to be?” We may even question the safety of our workplaces, like airports. These anxieties can be overwhelming, but when we confront them with a comprehensive strategy, we can regain a sense of security and freedom in our daily lives. AEGIX is dedicated to providing every individual with access to this level of safety.

AEGIX provides a comprehensive incident response solution no other company, agency or system is able to offer. We are focused on delivering intentional innovations, disrupting the status quo where necessary and building bridges between people, organizations andsystems to protect our communities and make our world safer.

AEGIX AIM making emergency response smarter and those involved safer.
Hands-on, comprehensive training by experts designed specifically for your team.

Platform AEGIX AIM is a comprehensive incident response solution used in several hundred locations such as schools, hospitals, office buildings, government buildings, airports and other businesses to alert and connect everyone involved during an incident in real time. There is open communication inside a safe, locked network that uses live responsive maps, allows you to track locations of others within the system and provides frontline personnel with the necessary tools to actively manage an incident.
With immediate guidance, reporting features, multi-directional chats and live responsive mapping; AEGIX AIM’s capabilities allow responders to see what’s happening almost as if they were in the room without physically being there.

Real-time updates from those involved in the incident creates a much faster and accurate response from responders, rather than having to make educated guesses on the situation based on the initial report.

AEGIX AIM is the only platform that interfaces directly with law enforcement and first responders (i.e. Police Officers, Fire Department…).  From an active shooter, a waterline break or a missing student, all incidents can be responded to in an immediate, accurate manner using AEGIX AIM from any device. The platform also allows for “Drill Mode” so your team can put the comprehensive training we provide to use and stay up to date.

Dynamic Themes for Different Alert Modes & Status